Saturday, June 1, 2013

"Being In Between"

Quite a rapid-fire succession of guest posts and guest articles recently. Here's another I wrote, for the website and blog for the Stanford Initiative to Cure Hearing Loss. I wrote this post in honor of Better Hearing and Speech Month during the month of May, even if it wound up going online the first day of June:

Many thanks to those on the SICHL web and social media team who invited me to do a guest post and made this possible. To be perfectly honest, these feelings of being in between, of not quite being able to allot myself to one category or another, have made my life far richer and more interesting than it would have been otherwise, as challenging as the experience has been sometimes. Grappling with ambiguity, in whatever form it comes, from the academic to the personal, does make life a constant stream of contemplation and discovery.

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